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Where: Bratislava
When: July 2016
Hotel: NH Bratislava Gate One

The good thing about traveling to see concerts is that you get to visit cities that hadn’t made it to your want-to-visit-list yet. Last week a concert took me to Slovakia and I had a day to see the capital Bratislava. Because I only had one day for sightseeing, my friends and I made the most of it. From the hotel we drove into the city to our first stop: a sightseeing boat on the Donau, seeing the city and its bridges from the water. We took the Bratislava Round Trip by LOD. The sound system wasn’t that good and lots of kids, so we didn’t get to here the story of Bratislava, but the view was great.

After that we wanted to visit the castle, Bratislavský hrad. To walk up there with the summer heat was not our idea of fun, so we took the little sightseeing bus up there. An adorable old-fashioned bus took us around town and up the hill, with us sitting there, learning more about the city through our headphones and enjoying the sun through the open roof. Even if you don’t want to visit the castle itself, the bus takes a 15 minute break there, so you can enjoy the view of the city and the Donau from up there. Very pretty!

We decided to really visit the castle, with all its galleries, instead of driving back down with the bus. Beautiful paintings and pictures of the history of the castle, but what i loved the most was the staircase. Red carpet on white marble floor and giant mirrors with a golden frames. Even girls my age feel a little bit like a princess, for a few moments.

Walking down from the castle to Old Town was a bit more difficult as we thought. Took us a bit to find the way down and when we did I was grateful we decided to take the bus to the castle and not walk up there. It was pretty steep. But again: beautiful sights.

The old town is a lovely part of Bratislava. Tiny shops with souvenirs and a lot of handmade things. Loads of restaurants and bars with local specialties and of course loads of beer. Perfect way to spend an afternoon. Sitting outside, sipping ice-cold lemonade (if beer is not your thing), walking around and do a little shopping. And keep your eyes open, because there’s a lot to see on the streets, like those little funny statues everywhere.

It was a great day in Bratislava. Will definitely go back there again sometime. There’s way more to see and visit and it’s a very friendly city. The language can be barrier, but most of the people speak a bit of english or a bit of german, so you can manage pretty easily.

I can recommend the hotel to everybody as well. It’s not in the city center, but close to the airport and it’s easy to get there by car. The hotel has a spa on the 7th floor, with a pool to relax after a day of sightseeing. Parking outside is for free and of all the nights I spent at this hotel, I always hat a space outside. Across the street is a big inside shopping mall, with a big supermarket, little restaurants and mcDonalds. And even in the summer, people play ice hockey in the mall. A nice place to cool down 🙂

Want to read more about the concert I went to in Slovakia? Read my blog about the concert here.


2 thoughts on “Bratislava

  1. Nice to hear that you liked Bratislava, we lived in the city for a year and a half before moving back to Sweden.:)

    The city might seem small, but there are so much history and sights around Bratislava. One of my favorites are the Devin Castle a short ride away. Also the BS-8 Bunker from WWII at the Austrian border is quite facinating.:)

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