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Nevio Passaro: Dresdner Stadtfest

Artist: Nevio Passaro
Where: Dresdner Stadtfest
When: August 20, 2016

This concert was not a coincidence. Nevio has a special thread to the beautiful Dresden. He’s had several concerts there in the last 10 years, but what’s even better: he’s a special ambassador for the HOPE Cape Town, with an annual charity gala in Dresden. After his trip to South Africa in May, this concert was also meant to raise attention to this good cause.

The annual Canaletto (the city festival of Dresden) was blessed with good weather, lots of people enjoyed the many performances all over the town. Nevio’s concert was at the Theaterplatz, saturday, late afternoon. A beautiful square, relaxed atmosphere, big stage and great music. Forget everything and just enjoy!

He started with ‘Sano Egoismo’. A beautiful song, that makes people listen and relax. After that the party started. A city festival needs uptempo songs. Singing along, dancing, having fun. And that’s exactly what Nevio delivered. With songs like ‘Bellissima’, ‘Giralo’, ’24 Reasons’, ‘Vedrai’ and ‘Amore per sempre’ he treated the audience with summer feeling and fun. The result: the people wanted more, much more! Unfortunately he only had limited stage time, but he was not in a hurry. Backstage he talked to all his (new and old) fans, signed autographs and took pictures. Very relaxed, just having fun.

During his concert Nevio also told about the projects he visited, while in Cape Town. Townships, schools, hospitals. All the places HOPE Cape Town helps people who are infected by HIV. And to bring Cape Town to Dresden, he brought along the song ‘Welcome to Cape Town’, which children over there had sang to him several times. Here is a small impression of that song, but be warned: it stays in your head the whole day 🙂

Rehearsal video ‘Welcome to Cape Town’ 

While I was to busy dancing and singing, I forgot to take pictures 🙂 So here’s a picture of Nevio and band, right before the concert. Thanks to Nevio for the picture!

Nevio and band Dresden 2016


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