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Hard Rock Cafe

If you like music and you want to go out for food, where do you go? Hard Rock Cafe has it all. Loud music (don’t expect to have a silent conversation), music memorabilia and good food. With restaurants all over the world, I love finding this restaurant during one of my city trips.

There’s always something to see and lots of people around, happy waiters and a good atmosphere. For Europe it’s a very American restaurant. Big Burgers, Ribs, a lot of food and free refills. Yep. European are not used to free refills. We pay for every drink we order 🙂

The very best thing to Hard Rock Cafe, wherever in the world you go, is the Hot Fudge Brownie for dessert. Okay, admitting, you better share it with somebody, because it’s big. But it’s worth the eventual pain afterwards. The warm brownie, the cold ice, the sweet whipped cream, chocolate sauce and don’t forget: the cherry on top. Just what a girl needs!

These pictures are from a recent visit in Cologne, Germany.


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