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Two in a row, isn’t that boring?

Artist: Gregor Meyle
Where: Waldbad Dünnwald Köln & Kloster Schiffenberg Giessen
When: September 3 & 4, 2016

Have you ever tried it? Two concerts of the same musician in two days? I did. Actually, I did more than that 🙂 I’ve been on tour. But let’s just keep with the two concerts in a row. Recently I went to two summer concerts of Gregor Meyle. Isn’t that boring?

Noooooo. Every concert is different. It’s live, anything can happen. And music hits you differently every time. It all depends on your mood, your thoughts and how deep you get pulled into the concert. Let’s take these two concerts. The first one, in Cologne, was in the middle of a forest. Very relaxed, parking close to the concert, a small restaurant where we could sit and have a drink, waiting for the entrance to open. The audience was happy to sing along. Or better said: every now and then they just started singing spontaneously. With a good band on stage, that’s not a problem. They played along with everything, having fun. It was just a very happy concert, everybody went home feeling good. Perfect.

The next day, in Giessen, the concert was at the garden of a monastery. Parking was far away, you had to drive up with shuttle busses. And right when we got out of the bus, walking to the entrance, it started raining. Really hard. For about half an hour. It was really raining cats and dogs. Fortunately it stopped before the concert started, so we could just enjoy the music. The audience was cool, but more reluctant. And I, personally, was more focused on details. I was standing a bit higher, close to stage. Almost felt like being on stage with the band.

Musically the concerts might have sounded alike. Not really. Different band members on stage, slightly different set, in Giessen a musical guest. But even if the concerts were completely identical, it would have felt different. And good music never bores. Good musician never bore. And Gregor Meyle and his band definitely belong in that category.

So.. if you want to try for yourself, choose wisely 🙂 And have fun! You’ll see that it’s not boring at all. If I have the chance, I’ll do it again. And again. And again.

For a live video of the concert in Giessen, click here.


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