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Brad Pitt

Just another day in Amsterdam. Well, not just any other day. The national premiere of the movie ‘Seven years in Tibet‘ in Tuschinski Theater. I’m standing near the red carpet, waiting for Schae Harrison (Darla, the Bold and the Beautiful), who is visiting Amsterdam. In the audience rumor goes around Brad Pitt will be there as well. That makes me laugh. As if Brad Pitt will go from country to country to be at all those national premieres.

It all takes time. Lots of local celebrities. Funny to see what’s going on during such a red carpet event. Limousines dropping people of, lots of camera crews and every few minutes a tram blocking our view. Amsterdam is not like other places, they don’t block the streets for a movie premiere.

The next limousine drives up to the red carpet. I’m relaxed, just enjoying the whole thing. But then this guy comes out of the car, with the hat on, doesn’t he look like….? Isn’t that….? The screaming from the women around me, tell me it’s him. Brad Pitt! Brad Pitt just got out of the car and is standing across the street from me. Wuuuhuuuuu. Braaaaaaadddddd!

So yes, the other people were right. Sometimes superstars like Brad Pitt do go to small countries to be at the premiere of their film. Cool!


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