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Candy makes the world go round

So, you’re in Berlin and it’s raining a bit. Not the best weather to go sightseeing or do anything at all. And then you hit the jackpot. Close to the Alexandersquare and the TV-tower you find this hidden treasure. A candy store. An actual candy store. With cookies, chocolate, lollypops, nougat and so much more. You just have to go in and then they offer you things to taste… heaven for little and big people. Unnecessary to say I tried myself through the cookies and chocolate. It all tasted so good. Next thing you know, you’re walking around with a shopping basket 🙂
Besides all the sweet stuff, they also have the cutest little cans to save all the food in. They would even look good in your house, when they were empty.

La Cure Gourmande, worth a visit. They also have stores in other countries. But this one in Berlin will see me again, very soon!



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