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Watching too many crime shows…

It’s december 2013 and we’ve been driving for a few hours. On the way to a concert in Prenzlau, northeast Germany. Practically in the middle of nowhere. But we are happy. First of all we’re looking forward to the concert, but also because our hotel is a castle. Sometimes you just want to stay overnight feeling like a princess 🙂

The navigation system says we have to exit in 10 kilometer. And then all of a sudden it goes black. And we feel lost. Both coming from the past (read: traveling with a map in your lap, driving around searching for a while) we just laughed. Okay, it can’t be that hard. We’re really in the middle of nowhere, the castle/hotel will be on signs. Wrong! Still we’re laughing… we have iPhones! So we look at the digital map and find that the street we’re looking for exists several times. Hmmm. Okay, just a little bump. We just choose one and drive in that direction. Very small roads, but nothing that looks like our castle. So we drive around a little more. But our castle stays hidden. We have to admit: we’re lost.

Only one thing left to do. Find someone to ask. Even that proves to be difficult. Remember: middle of nowhere. There are no people on these small streets. After a few rounds we finally see somebody. A guy loading groceries out of his car. I park my car and walk up to the guy. If he knows where my castle is? He does and points me in the right direction. We should have gone to the other side of the freeway. It won’t be hard to find there. Then he looks at my car. My friend is out of sight. He looks at me and says: “But if you want to be sure, you can come inside, I have a map there.” And then all 100 or so episodes of Criminal Minds get to me. The middle of nowhere, me alone, this guy and then going into his house? NO WAY. I’m not gonna die here!

I thank him, he asks me to wait. He goes inside, getting his map and showing me how to drive. I thank him again. Yes, I panicked and overreacted, but still I just want to leave. Back in the car we laughed about it and drove of. To our castle and to the concert.

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Criminal Minds

criminal minds
Foto courtesy of Criminal Minds Facebookpage

I got to like this series in a weird way. A friend posted on Facebook something about how much she liked Shemar Moore. Because I traveled to Los Angeles several times over the years, mostly for actors working on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’, I got to meet Shemar several times as well. So I told my best friend if I should shock that person by telling her I met Shemar. My best friend reacted: “YOU KNOW SHEMAR MOORE?”. Okay, so I didn’t realize that he became a big actor in a very successful tv-show, after leaving ‘The Young and the Restless’. Ofcourse I had to see what the show was all about, so I started with season 1.

In the show a group of FBI-profilers help out police cases, mostly by concentrating on the unsub (unknown subject). Every episode of Criminal Minds has its own case, but while you also follow the main group in their personal lives, it’s good to watch the episodes in the right order. The way they solve their cases is believable and very smart. And the chemistry between the team is fantastic. You just have to love all the characters, because they’re all special. From the very intelligent and funny Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) to the sexy Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) or the one-of-a-kind Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler), getting to know them means loving them.

Right now I just finished season 10, so yes, I do like the show 🙂 For me it doesn’t get boring, they always find a new case, a new twist to keep your attention. One of the best shows in a very long time. Very highly recommended!