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Pokémon GO

Yes, so I admit: the hype of Pokémon GO got to me! It started out as curiosity and now I’m one of those players who would love to collect all of them. I’m not playing at gyms or wanting the best Pokémons, I just want them all 😉

Living in a village I started of with all the small usual ones, but after a while you have to go out in the big world to catch more. And so I did. In Holland there are several hotspots and with my niece I visited the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. Nice weather, sitting there, just having fun. Every catch was special and we had a lot of fun watching people running around with their smartphones, trying to catch that one special Pokémon.

Then I read about Kijkduin. The Pokémon capital of Holland. I had to see that with my own eyes. And believe me, it’s true. And above all very entertaining. Right at the beach, lots of people gather there every day to catch the famous little animals. But even if you’re not into the game, sitting there for a while is very entertaining. Every 10 minutes or so people all start to run in one direction. They even go so far as running all the way to the sea and then standing there, because the wanted animal is in the water, out of reach. A lovely day at the beach, 2016 style. It makes my game fun and just enjoying this whole spectacle got me 125 out of 150 Pokémons so far. My favorite? Jigglypuff.