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Nevio Passaro: Slovakia return

Artist: Nevio Passaro
Where: Dom Matice slovenskej, Komárno, Slovakia
When: July 2, 2016

For the second year in a row, german/italian singer/songwriter Nevio Passaro went to Slovakia for a concert in Komárno. Last year we all had a blast, so the expectations for this year was very high.

After the girls of Slečna Loreline entertained the audience with their wonderful song and dance, the stage was free for Nevio and his band. This time he just brought two musicians: Robert Kerner (guitars) & Jan Siekmann (drums, percussions). It was clear those three haven’t been playing together for that long, but with some charm nobody noticed the small mistakes.

Nevio started the concert of all by himself, at the piano, with one of his most beautiful songs ‘Sano Egoismo’. Immediately he had the audience in his hand. Listening quietly to his wonderful voice, but also singing along wherever he wanted it (and more). Besides his own songs, like ‘Sento’, ‘Lo dico a te’, ‘Amore per sempre’, ‘Vedrai’ and ‘Questo Sogno’, this time Nevio also sang some well known covers like ‘Yesterday’, ‘One’, ‘Hallelujah’, ‘Angels’, ‘Just the two of us’ and ‘Ain’t no sunshine’. Especially for the people who didn’t know Nevios songs so well, but also to great pleasure of his own fans, who travelled to Slovakia, especially to see this concert.

After a hot concert, which was not only due to the temperature in the room, Nevio came back on stage for two last songs. First he made the audience sweat with a very fast version of ’50 special’ and then he gave the people all goosebumps with a very acoustic version of ‘Nel blu dipinto di blu (Volare)’. A fantastic ending to a great show. Love the audience in Slovakia for their enthusiasm!

Grazie di cuore!