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How to embarrass yourself at first sight – part two

As you might have noticed, I tend to embarrass myself every now and then 🙂 What can I say: a country girl from a small country in big fancy cities in very big countries, it’s asking for trouble.

So here I was, waiting at the CBS-Studios in Los Angeles, for an actor of ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ to finish working and all of a sudden this Ferrari drives up to the door. Apart from auto shows I never saw a very red Ferrari ‘in the wild’, so I drooled. Not my best moment. Then this guy walks out of the studio. In the few seconds I took my eyes of the car, I noticed him to be very good looking. And he walked straight to my Ferrari! So yes, did I already tell you I drooled? It must have been a very awkward sight, because when the guy got into the car, he put it in reverse and drove towards me. I was way too curious to be ashamed, so when he opened the window and said ‘Hi’, I just spat out the words ‘Who are you?’. He looked very confused and asked ‘Who am I? Or how am I?’ Obviously I hadn’t made myself clear, so I asked again. ‘Who are you?’ He must have thought I was weird, which I have to admit, was true at the moment. He gave me his name ‘Michael Damian’, said goodbye and drove off. With my Ferrari. Well, at least it should have been mine!

Normally that would just be another embarrassing moment in my book filled with them (really, my Diary is very similar to the one Bridget Jones is keeping). But no, not this time. A day later I was looking for cd’s to bring home with me, when all of a sudden one of them caught my eye. ‘Time of the Season’, recording artist: Michael Damian. Wasn’t that…?

A year later, back at the CBS-studios. This time I was prepared. I knew Michael Damian! I met him again and in the years after that another couple of times, even in Paris, where he was directing a film. Embarrassing moments sometimes are the start of something good. Unfortunately I did never see the Ferrari again, but hey, you can’t have it all 🙂

Michael now is a successful director. His latest film ‘High Strung‘ became iTunes #1.