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Hot ‘n cold

Every now and then you have one of those moments. You know what I mean, one of those moments where you realize that your thoughts are controlled by that what you’re used to, what you grew up with. Until something proves you wrong, in a very funny kind of way.

One of those moments for me happened some years back. A friend and I drove from Los Angeles towards Las Vegas. We did have a stopover planned on the way. A concert. I don’t remember the exact city, but it was a Collin Raye concert. He had invited Bobbie Eakes for a guest appearance, because at that time they hat a duet together ‘Loving this way’. So we were really looking forward to it. We knew Bobbie for some years and it’s always great so see her perform.

A bit early we drove up on the parking space and realized the concert would be outdoors. My very first thought was to look up at the sky and hope that it wouldn’t rain that night. In my home country that’s always a concern when you go to an outdoor event. Hopefully it doesn’t rain. The foolishness of my thought hit me hard as I opened the door of my air-conditioned car… it was hot! Very very hot! It was so hot we couldn’t even stand being outside in the shadow for more than a few minutes. A new experience. And at night the temperatures don’t go down the way they do back home. So, at the concert I did look at the sky again. This time not scared that it would start raining, but actually hoping that it would. Definitely learned something: things are sometimes different as you expect them to be!! 🙂

Check out the video of ‘Loving this way’ here.