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Robbie Williams: Gelsenkirchen

Artist: Robbie Williams
Where: Veltins-Arena, Gelsenkirchen, Germany
When: July 10, 2013

My very first Robbie Williams concert. What a day!
If you best friend is a longtime Robbie Williams fan, wants to go to this concert with you, but wishes desperately to stand near the front of the stage, so she can finally see Robbie up close (and not from a sitting spot in the back of a stadium), what can you do? Prepare! So, that’s what we did. And of course we were really looking forward to it.

At six o’clock in the morning we arrived at the stadium and as expected: we weren’t the first ones. No problem, we don’t have to be first row, we just want one of those wristbands, so we can go in the area close to stage. We were prepared: we brought one of those sport mats, food and drinks. We even brought magazines and a travel game. Of course all things we could leave behind, because our car was parked further away and we don’t know what will happen in the afternoon. The weather was fine and the people around us relaxed. So the first hours were pretty okay. And then you have to go for a bathroom break and you figure out how unprepared you really are. The mobile toilets were provided by the organization. The first time you go there it’s dirty and when you’re lucky there’s still toilet paper. But as the day goes by these toilets change in disgusting, stinking, unhygienic places. So we made a note to ourselves: if we ever were to do this again, you must bring toilet paper, hygiene towels and disinfecting lotion.

Letting the people into the stadium was easy. Big thanks to the organization, because a horde of women, who all want to stand in front of stage, can be really scary, but they had everything under control. We walked into the stadium, got into the closed of area and set down again, about 4 rows from stage, also very very successful and happy. Another few hours of waiting and I already started to feel the first pains. Never knew sitting all day could hurt. I wanted to stand up, but knew that once I would do that, there would be no chance of sitting down again. A big dilemma.

At eight o’clock, everybody is already standing -so I wasn’t the only one with the sitting dilemma- it’s time for the supporting act: Olly Murs. Okay, I have to admit I had never heard of him. I was just hoping and praying he would be good enough to catch my attention. And he was! Oh yes, he was! Loved his songs, was wondering a bit about the tight trousers, but his energy was contagious. A woman who was standing beside me, had been complaining about why people need support acts, they would be so unnecessary. After Olly’s first song, she was in love and had completely changed her mind 🙂

At ten minutes to nine I hit bottom. Every muscle in my body was ready to go home, take a shower and lay down in bed. I couldn’t stand on my left foot, I couldn’t stand on my right foot. My neck and back were killing me and I just wanted to cry out to Robbie that he should have mercy and cancel the show. I was ready to go home.
At nine o’clock the first notes of ‘Let me entertain you’ start (thank you Robbie for being so punctual). I’m still hurting, but slowly my attention turns towards to show instead of my physical uncomfort. Just a very few moments later Robbie is on stage, starts to sing and encourages the public to ‘bounce’. And I am. Bouncing. Like a young girl I’m jumping and screaming. That is why Robbie is one of the best entertainers of this era. Apart from 2 or 3 songs I didn’t really care for, he had me in the concert, concentrating on everything else and not my pain. The show was incredible. Bigger than big. And yes, he might not be the best singer, but it just doesn’t matter. It’s Robbie Williams!

The last song, Angels, was the highlight. A sea, no an ocean of people singing the song for him, Robbie crying on stage. And we were all crying with him. It was a magical moment, one to remember.

And then he’s gone and people start to leave. I honestly don’t remember how I got back to my car, but I swore to myself that I would never do this again. It took me days to recover and then all there was were great memories. And two new tickets, for another Robbie concert, in Hannover, a few weeks later! Pain goes away, memories stay. One of the great aspects of life!